BAA "Sky Notes"

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BAA "Sky Notes"

Post by rwilkinson » Tue May 31, 2016 5:21 pm

We recently received this email from BAA President Jeremy Shears:
Throughout the observing year many of the BAA meetings feature a Sky Notes presentation, which outlines key astronomical events in the coming months and features recent observations. We would like to share the Sky Notes video freely with all amateur astronomers and would be grateful if you would share this email containing the link to the video with your members.

Our latest Sky Notes presentation, given at our meeting on May 25, is available on YouTube here:

If individuals or groups would like to receive the link to the Sky Notes on a regular basis please email <>.

As always, if there are ways you think the BAA can help support local clubs and societies and amateur astronomers in general please do let me know.

Yours sincerely,
Jeremy Shears
BAA President
This episode lasts just under half an hour, and is presented by Nick James (the Director of the BAA Comet Section), and includes some very impressive amateur images of the Sun (including the Mercury transit), Aurora Borealis, noctilucent clouds and Jupiter.
He also mentions the Perseid meteors, which should peak around 11th-12th August.
Their next episode is due out in September.

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